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Inviation for Friends and Partners

Michael Keltscha
Technial Sales
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until 31. Jänner 2021



Dear Friends! Dear Partners!

I would like to give you the very big and unique chance to get many internet solutions in the field of internet marketing (and more) free of charge for lifetime, and income for generations as passive reseller also possible.

Yes, you've read that correctly! It's a paradigm shift called ONPASSIVE and the O-FOUNDER phenomenon. For me it's like a pre-filled lottery 6 including additional number + joker which you should only redeem :) If you now shake your head in disbelief and think "another multi-level marketing fuss" ... FALSE! No MLM, no bounty, no compulsion, no "now I have to sell something", nothing like that.

You can finance your heart projects in years (even months) and give your family and friends more well-being and quality of life. Even if you don't have time for this vision (yet), tell friends and acquaintances and make sure that you can later participate in the passive income :)

Sounds sensational, right!

Welcome To Me Team!

Further information you can find below:

Experience the birth of something completely new!
The birth of an unicorn company, which offers us almost
unlimited freedom of movement in the worldwide web.

As of 01 12 2021 more than 1 Mio. people have joined now Meanwhile ONPASSIVE is represented in more than 200 countries
and all this even before official launch of the company Unmatched, ahead of its time, with the best technology, the best quality and lower costs on top.

ONPASSIVE is the new world standard THE chance in your life Heart, morals, ethics and love It's the paradigm shift on the right time and place.

There are many opportunities and ways, which can lead us into financial freedom, but ONLY one total internet solution (TIS), which unites all needs and offers in the internet in a massive ECO system ONPASSIVE will be one of the biggest companies on this planet in shortest time.

ONPASSIVE offers a never done before mobility in the internet with all possible tools you might know and many more, that had been meticulously developed from the ground up.

One stop shop!

The ONPASSIVE team programmed and designed the whole platform to remain active and cutting edge, driven by
artifical intelligence with heart.

Everythingis 100 compatible, making work easier with it's user friendliness and offering the best quality Communication platforms and some applications for entrepreneurs will be added else.

ONPASSIVE is the solution for private people and companies One complete solution in which the brand is preserved.

ONPASSIVE is a AI IT company and therefore a company, which offers all applications and products of IT technology with the help of modernest technology and artificial intelligence.

What makes ONPASSIVE so special?

ONPASSIVE offers you everything concerning internet, communication and online business All tools and platforms with the most modern technology never seen before in public in this way. 100% privacy!

No matter if you are passive or active, everyone will have a monthly income ONPASSIVE will do everything fully automated for
you worldwide, viral and individual Business opportunities of a special kind, private and individual communication and simple
user friendly operation.

Now you still have the chance to secure a place in the worldwide team for $97 until the next phase begins In the next phase, the softlaunch, the fee for a founder position will increase.

All this without risk, because this is a paradigm shift:

This is exactly what you are looking for!

It is THE opportunity in our life!

THE freedom on the internet as we all want private and commercial.
An unique company and team with heart, morals, ethics, worldwide acquaintanceship and friendships.

What is GOFOUNDERS than?

GOFOUNDERS is a private platform for the founders. It‘s our BACK OFFICE.

Think about it for a moment. How many new, globally operating companies do you know that are 100% debt free and were built
up by own efforts.

You can probably count them on one hand Furthermore our business is very „clean". This means real privacy and sustainable
products that are equipped with better quality and technology.
All products in one system and 100% coordinated.

Who brought this special vision to life?

Visionary, mentor and a man with a big heart for humanity Mr. Ash Mufareh.
Family man and philanthropist. He is genuine and his most important foundations are honor, respect, ethic and love All this he brings up united in ONPASSIVE.

Mr. Mufareh has incorporated cordiality, integrity and ethics into the platform and products of ONPASSIVE.

Thus he and the team have created a company, which can be used from private tools to many business opportunities.

If we have explained ONPASSIVE well, YOU will be able to understand, that besides the almost unlimited mobility in the worldwide web, the lower costs, the best quality and technology and the monthly income are an overwhelming gift.

Mr. Ash Mufareh has implemented his philosophy and concept so that EVERYONE will win!

Ash Mufareh holds a master's degree in IT (Information Technology) and E Commerce (MIT) from American Intercontinental University. He also attended Harvard University for special courses in online business creations. Therefore he excels at the fields of online and software and these are the center of his creative work.

Mr. Mufareh is familiar with the subject matter like no other, if it comesnto the internet and all its opportunities. He previously worked very successfully in several online marketing companies.

ONPASSIVE will do everything fully automatically for us.

ONPASSIVE builds our teams. We automatically get partners and customers.

Easier, better and definitely unique!

With the start of the marketing campaigns we'll move on to the next phase (softlauch) and will receive fully automated new members (founders) in our team All that will be done by the AI of ONPASSIVE.

Campaigns are the elixir of ONPASSIVE As soon as ONPASSIVE will go online the many customers will be distributed among all members and thus will generate the mentioned income.

You can only become a founder during the prelaunch phase Once ONPASSIVE will go online, only customers will be able to join.

Every partner you will register for ONPASSIVE will increase your income. All your partners will get many customers through the
marketing campaigns run by ONPASSIVE, which in turn will contribute to your income.


Over 3,5 billion people are online every day. Only 10% of these are 350 million.

ONPASSIVE will change the world!

This is the paradigm shift, a massive part of the new global economy. By people for people.
Every customer buys an automated complete internet solution for a monthly fee. Part of this fee will be used for the founders income.

The platform, to which you automatically subscribe as a founder, offers you every imaginable tool and product, which are necessary for the automation of your private ventures or online marketing enterprises.

So you can get the most out of it.

Your founding position is hereditary. You can leave it to your family, friends or whoever you want to.

What happens here is so overwhelming and unique, it's hard to grasp at first.

As soon as ONPASSIVE will go online, millions of customers will be added. The marketing campaigns will be fed with special in-house databases, developed by ONPASSIVE. They are focused on specific industries, including your current business opportunity.

Before the public launch, the main objective of existing founders and business campaigns is to invite other people to join

Every activity of the founders to invite new members is entirely carried out by the individual desire to support the company and pass on the gift.

This also applies to webinars and lectures, as well as the production and publication of materials, videos, translations, handbooks, presentations, etc.
Each founder (GoFounder) contributes with his heart energy and passion for the benefit of all.

An almost inexhaustible market! What ONPASSIVE offers is absolutely unique!

Whether as a founder or as a customer, both will have enormous advantages. Over time everyone will be a part of ONPASSIVE. The time is right, the company is right and so is the mind, heart and soul coherence.

Mega Product Launch (MPL) with 20 products

The first products are ready and will be beta tested by us founders within the framework of the "Mega Product Launch" before the official launch of the company. This means that you already have the opportunity to actively participate in the company and to test the products one by one without any additional payment.

You can find more details about the products on the official website:

We repeat: With the $97 you get the position of a founder. Do you have family members, friends or colleagues who should also
benefit from this? Then please show them this unique and great opportunity.

Being active is recommended because it will get you to a higher financial goal faster. Be sure that even as a passive founder
you are guaranteed a very good income and success.

You will get more informations and details as soon as you have registered, because not everything can be published yet. Since
ONPASSIVE has not yet been officially launched, this serves to protect the company and its members.

Be a part of it, because such an opportunity you‘ll get only once in a lifetime.

Follow the path of your heart!
It's YOUR life, YOUR decision, and the chance of YOUR life!

Do you want to be there to uplift humanity and change the world?

I am happy to help you with questions and answers and with the registration.

Heartily greetings from Landegg


Welcome To My Team!


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