VITASPIN - SPRING FRESH WATER - Not available any more!

Water & Technology

The water passes through the key element of the vortex device, the double-spin cascade. The narrowing of the cross-section strongly accelerates the water flow, which is given a left-side spin first.

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Water is Life

Water is the key prerequisite for all life on earth. In its natural state, it is fresh and alive, coming forth from its source in perfect condition.

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Drinking Water Vortex Device

The vortex device is suited for all commonly available types of high-pressure taps. Easy and quick to mount, it replaces your tap’s flow regulator.

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Spring Fresh Water

Having passed through the vortex device, the refreshed water not only tastes better, but is also pleasantly easy to drink, helping you to increase your daily water intake...

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from Ingeborg Lassnig-Gep, Wolfram Tertschnig, Dr. Ralf Kleef, DI Manfred Bammer, and much more.

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Our Vision

I am convinced that if we give water back its original vigour and freshness, this vital resource will once again get the appreciation it deserves. And VITASPIN will help achieve this goal.

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Michael Keltscha
Life & Business Coach

VITASPIN you give your children, friends, relatives, colleagues, business partners and customers more well-being and quality of life!"

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