Our Vision

The spring-fresh patent

The Vitaspin vortex system ensures that the water is enriched with oxygen. The patented technology simulates the natural course of a mountain stream. The water pressure in the pipe, along with the purposefully designed flow channels, restores the water’s original and natural structure. The result – better water, enriched with oxygen, vitalized and tasting as fresh and delicious as spring water.

When technology is applied to a marvel of nature

I have been working professionally with tap technology for years and years. However, I was not really satisfied with the water coming out of these taps. As an engineer, I learned two things: Water with its manifold structures and qualities is a marvel of nature. And this marvellous resource is subject to major negative impacts during its long journey through our water pipe systems.

I have had a lot of business success with technical innovations related to water. This is why I feel a special connection to water as a vital resource. The aim I have set myself is to bring the water flowing from our taps back closer to its original quality. To give it back the freshness it has when it comes forth from a natural spring. And to do this in as natural a manner as possible. In a manner that can be used on any type of tap. And which everybody can afford.

With this aim in mind, I spent years studying the behaviour of water, developing flow geometries, experimenting with materials – all in my spare time. The result is VITASPIN. Mounted on the tap in a matter of seconds, it restores the spring-fresh and vitalizing properties to the water.

I am convinced that if we give water back its original vigour and freshness, this vital resource will once again get the appreciation it deserves. And VITASPIN will help achieve this goal.

Herbert Wimberger
(patent owner and manufacturer, my friend died on 23rd of June 2018)