Ingeborg Lassnig-Gep, natural health professional

The spring-fresh water helps me to keep my body well-balanced. Using the electro-acupuncture method developed by Dr. Voll, I was able to confirm in blind tests that this water has more positive bioelectrical properties than ordinary tap water.


Wolfram Tertschnig, head of the department for sustainable development and environmental grants policy, Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management

Having access to sufficient quantities of high-quality water is a privilege which Austria is rightly envied for. However, we often tend to take our water for granted and do not appreciate it the way we should. I consider VITASPIN a smart and effective way to move beyond this “it is just water” attitude, a means of helping us to rediscover the joy and good fortune of being able to taste spring-fresh water whenever we feel like it.

Dr. Ralf Kleef, hyperthermia specialist

Vitaspin directly and dynamically vitalizes tap water by enriching it with oxygen. The proven physical dynamization of the water gives reason to believe it has beneficial health effects.

DI Manfred Bammer, Head of Biomedical Systems, AIT, Wiener Neustadt

I instantly noticed the effect of the vortex device. In nature, too, water whirling and swirling down a waterfall takes up more oxygen. Water and oxygen are vital not only for humans, but for animals as well. Ever since I mounted the VITASPIN device, I have observed my cats drinking more water than before.