Water & Technology

Putting nature’s marvel to good use

Water is life. Not least because 70% of the human body is made up of water. Losing just a few percent of it makes us feel less fit and active and may even cause physical discomfort.

Supplying it with enough water keeps the body in balance. But it is not just the amount we drink that is important, it is also the quality of the water that matters. Unlike many other countries, Austria and most Central European countries are rich in high-quality drinking water resources. However, before arriving at household taps, the water loses freshness and vitality along the way. Vitaspin offers an easy and highly effective remedy: spring-fresh water – every day – fresh from your tap.

The water passes through the key element of the vortex device, the double-spin cascade. The narrowing of the cross-section strongly accelerates the water flow, which is given a left-side spin first.

Once the water has passed the through-hole, the spin is reversed, and finally the water exits the double-spin cascade right next to the air feed-in nozzles.

The effect can easily be seen in the vortex forming in the process. In this state, air suction is particularly high in line with the Venturi principle, so the water takes up a lot of oxygen.

This process restores the water to its natural structure, making it taste like fresh from the spring.